Intelligent Bees

  • Honeybees can perform simple addition and subtracting

  • Honeybees can learn and understand 'zero'

  • Honeybees can count up to four landmarks when they fly to food sources

  • Honeybees can learn to differentiate between paintings

  • Bumblebees can learn to play soccer

  • Bees display emotions


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Bumblebee Vulnerability

There are no bumblebees in Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, or peninsular India

  • Unlike many other groups of animals, the greatest number of bumblebee species are found not in the Tropics but in the north Temperate zone
  • There are no bumblebees in Subsaharan Africa, Australia, or peninsular India
  • Many bumblebee species are found in high mountains or in the north temperate zone extending into the high Arctic e.g. coast of Greenland

  • With rising temperatures from Global Warming, many bumblebee species will be endangered or face extinction